Peyton "Peyto" Jack Bolton (born June 5, 2017) is the son of Troy and Gabriella Bolton, the paternal grandson of Jack and Lucille Bolton (Troy's parents) and the maternal grandson of Mrs. Montez (Gabriella's mother).


Peyton was born as the only child of the newlywed couple, his parents are Troy Bolton and his wife, Gabriella Montez. He was the only grandchild to Jack and Lucille Bolton and Mrs. Montez. Peyton loves Basketball (like his father and his paternal grandfather did in the previous films) but Peyton almost inherrited his singing voice (like his mother, his paternal grandmother and his maternal grandmother did in the previous films).


Peyton was a happy-eager child and he always find himself between his love for basketball or his love for theater.

But he wants to do both, he and his best friend, Caylon Danforth (the son of Chad and Taylor Danforth) are both love basketball together.

Teenage Years

When Peyton enrolls East High School, Peyton also notices that his parents went to school and work with the East High Wildcats (Peyton's father, Troy is now the coach of East High Wildcats and Peyton's mother, Gabriella is now the drama teacher of The Drama Club).

Peyton meets and falls in love with a girl named Kyasi Evans (the daughter of Ryan and Kelsi Evans), they become friends first before their feelings for each other were mutual. Peyton chose Kyasi over Basketball despite the confusion of his parents but Troy and Gabriella had come to accept their son's relationship with her.

After Graduation

After High School, Peyton and Kyasi got engaged and his parents gave their blessing to them.