Song information
Singer (s)

Sharpay Evans and Ryan Evans



Place sang

Lava Springs Country Club

Objects used

Lyrics sheets, volcano


High School Musical 2


"Humuhumunukanuka'apua'a" is a song featured on the the High School Musical 2 soundtrack. It is sung by Sharpay and Ryan Evans. It is the song that Sharpay and Ryan were going to sing for the Lava Springs Country Club talent show. (It was deleted from the original televised version of High School Musical 2, but reinstated into the film for DVD and Blu-Ray releases.)

In it, Sharpay attempts to convince Troy to sing with her in the talent show. She has Fulton summon him to a hidden stage, and Troy is forced to watch as the song plays. This results in making him late for his date with Gabriella. Sharpay is the Pineapple Princess Tiki, who is "sweet as a peach, in a pineapple way" and "so sad that she hardly speaky". She dreams of a boy (Troy) who has been turned into a fish by an evil spell, and prays to the might spirit Fufu, a plug-in volcano. During the song, Ryan acts as narrator, fish, sound effects operator, special effects coordinator, and back-up singer.

As Sharpay leans over Troy showing him his lines in the song (one chorus), Ryan realizes that he's not going to be the prince as he and Sharpay discussed, and is disappointed. Sharpay tries to convince Troy that they are meant for each other, and Troy distracts her by complimenting her shoes. He escapes to join Gabriella by the pool.

High School Musical 2 - Humuhumunukuapua'a

High School Musical 2 - Humuhumunukuapua'a


High School Musical 2

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