All For One
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Entire High School Musical 2 cast



Place sang

Lava Springs pool

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Swimming pool, various other objects


High School Musical 2


"All For One" is the finale from the movie High School Musical 2 and of the soundtrack of the same name. This song is similar to We're All In This Together from the original High School Musical. This song is sung by the whole cast and is about how now that work is over they can truly enjoy their summer before their senior year.

All For One - HSM2 (Movie Version)

All For One - HSM2 (Movie Version)

Miley Cyrus also makes a guest appearance.



Troy: The summer that we wanted

Ryan: Yeah we finally got it

Chad: Now's the time we get to share

Sharpay: Each day we'll be together

Taylor: Now until forever

Gabriella: So everybody everywhere

T,R,C: Lets take it to the beach take it there together

S,T,G:Let's celebrate today, cause there'll never be another

T,R,C: We're stronger this time, we've been there for each other

S,T,G: Everything's just right


Everybody.. all for one! Our real summer has just begun.

Let's rock and roll and just let go feel the rhythm of the drums

We're gonna have fun in the sun

Now that all the hard work... work is done

Everybody one for all... and all for one!


Sharpay: Summertime together

Taylor: Now we're even closer

Gabriella: That's the way it's meant to be

Chad: Oh, we're just getting started

Ryan: Come on and join the party

Troy: You deserve it same as me

T,R,C: Let's take it to the beach, take it their together

G,S,T: Let's celebrate today, cause there'll never be another

T,R,C: We're stronger this time, been their for each other

G,S,T: Everything's just right...



Guys: Everybody up

Girls: Everybody rock it

Guys: Take it from the top

Girls: And never ever stop it

Guys: It's not about the future

Girls: It's not about the past

All: It's making every single day last and last and last

Dance BreakEdit


All: Fun and sun... what could be better

Let's have fun... everyone together now

This is where our summer really begins

The very last time it's ever gonna be like this....It's a party you don't wanna miss!!!

Guys: Guys... show 'em we can make some moves(hey)

Girls: Girls... show 'em we know how to groove(oh)

Guys: Here

Girls: And now

Guys: Let's turn the party

Girls: Out

All: Everybody jump in

Chorus x2

C'mon everyone lets dance

We can't let the moment pass

Let's make the party last...All for

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